Top 10 Best Induction Cooktops In India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Induction Cooktops In India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best induction cooking top in India, Sep 2019

Induction stove top

Now, in India every kitchen has LPG as a primary source of energy for cooking purposes, but many preferred Induction stove as an alternative source for cooking during situations like your cylinder is out of LPG in the middle of cooking, induction cooker is the best option to handle such like situation, it doesn’t produce any flame and fumes, Induction cooker has becoming popular in our country because of its advantages like, it avoids the chances of burning accident and very simple installation, we can use it directly by plugging it on a socket. If you are single and you are not a regular cooker in your kitchen, then the induction stove best option for you.

Buying Tips:

Every household need kitchen appliances to fulfil their requirements, and most of them are buying the product without any researches. Sometimes random buying of items may result in early breakdown or may not fulfil all your requirements. If you are planning for buying a new induction stove, we will guide you for your best pick, after many hours of research by our experts and analyzing public reviews by our team we are sure that, following list will fulfill your all requirements.

10 Best induction stoves


Now, enjoy a faster, efficient and smart way of cooking with the advanced KENT Induction Cooktop KT-04. The slim and light-weight appliance can be placed anywhere depending on your convenience. Whether you want to make rice, dosa, soup or boil milk, KENT Induction Cooktop KT-04 can help you make do the chore in minutes.Properties:

  • Safer than traditional gas and electric cookers
  • 8 preset cooking options
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Overheat protection via auto off feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Power: 2000 watts; Operating Voltage: 110 – 250 volts
  • Includes: Induction Cooktop and User Manual


Philips hd4938 induction cooktop,  2100-Watt with sensor touch is the best product and solid performer, which works on electromagnetic induction technology, which ensures high heating efficiency, and cooks the food faster than any other gas stove and prevent from vitamin and nutrition loss from the food.


  • 0 to 3 hours time setting
  • 10 preset menus for different Indian recipes
  • 24 hours preset timer function for delayed cooking
  • High quality full glass panel for premium finish and easy cook
  • Sensor touch keys for ease of use
  • Auto-off program cooks food safely
  • More comfortable cooking without flame
  • Cool-to-touch surface cooks foods safely
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 2100 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Includes: Induction cooktop and User manual


Insta induction cooker have features up to 8 pre-set cooking menu controls, which make cooking very convenient. Enhanced usability is a result of the 8 touch sensitive controls on its soft touch control panel. Set the timer for up to 3 hours and go about your other important chores as this best induction cooker takes care of the cooking. Just in case you forget to switch it off and remove the cooking vessel, the automatic shut off feature shuts it off to provide for a safe operation.Properties:

  • Time settings: 3 hours preset timer
  • Temperature settings: Variable temperature settings
  • Indicator: Digital LED display
  • Control type: Soft touch sensor
  • Compatible utensils: Stainless Steel Pots, Stainless Steel Rice Cookers, Cast Iron Frying Pots, Oil Boiling Pots, Stainless Steel Water Jugs, Grilling Iron Plates
  • Automatic pan detection: Yes
  • Cooking modes:8 different intelligent cooking modes for temperature and power settings
  • Low maintenance: Flat cooking surface for easy cleaning
  • Enclosure for anti-repellent pills: Yes
  • Energy saving: Direct and quick heat to ensure minimal loss of energy
  • Auto shut off: Automatic switch off at high temperature
  • Child lock for extra safety: yes
  • Colour design: Black with orange base
  • Body: Micro-crystal plate main body
  • Power input: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1900 W
  • Cord length: 1.2 m


This Philips viva HD4928/01 induction cooktop works on electromagnetic induction technology, which ensures high heating efficiency, and cooks the food faster than any other gas stove and prevent from vitamin and nutrition loss from the food, it offers 0-3 hrs time setting features with customized Indian menu, smooth touch start very easy to operate and offer upto 2100W adjustable features for fast cooking.


  • Programmed for Indian cooking
  • Touch start for ease of use
  • 0 to 3 hours of time setting
  • Auto-off program cooks food safely
  • More comfortable cooking without flame
  • Cool-to-touch surface cooks foods safely
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 2100 watts
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Includes: Induction cooktop and User manual
  • Use Cookware with a bottom diameter of more than 12cm or less than 20cm.
  • Cookware Weight – should be less than 8kg (including contents+ Cookware)
  • Press a cooking mode button after you press the ON -OFF button. If cooking mode button is not pressed within one minute, the induction cooker will switch off automatically.


This Bajaj majesty ICX 7 is the best product, which offers many features like hotpot, fry, deep fry, boil, braise soup, keep worm, delay timer, tact switch control, auto off etc. and extendable power up to 2100W provides efficient cooking, its rapid heating features will help you to prepare the meal for more people, this product gives full satisfaction to buyer at affordable bajaj induction cooker price.


  • 8 preset menus
  • Keep warm mode
  • Power Switch: Indicates power consumed during cooking
  • Auto Shut Off: Induction cooker shuts off in 1 minute if no vessel is detected
  • Delay Start
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1900 watts. Working Voltage Range-130V TO 260V AC
  • Includes: Induction cooker, User manual, Guarantee card and List of service center.


This Pierre Cardin 1900W induction cooker offers different cooking experience in your kitchen with hassle free non-fire and easy to use cook-top which offers numerous features with 8 special Indian cooking modes, touch control, digital LED indicator, overheat protection etc.


  • 1900W power for faster cooking
  • 10-level power setting, Easy to control
  • 8 special Indian cooking modes
  • Overheat protection system
  • Automatic cooking with multifunction


This Preethi trendy plus induction stone with Pre-programmed Indian Menu’s like Gravy, Roti, Dosa, Fry, Idli and Milk, Tea etc. controlled by IGBT which enables automatic switching (on/off) of power supply resulting in less power consumption. This product comes with the high-quality ceramic plate to withstand high temperature, Large heating base to accommodate vessels with larger base for convenient cooking.:



  • One touch menu.
  • Longer wire cord length for convenience.
  • Power: 1600 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.


This Pigeon brio 2100watt induction cooktop has capacity to cook several foods with more efficient and fast with just one soft touch on its sensitive controls panel. With adjustable power up to 2100watt and finish with ABS plastic body with tempered glass on top which is available in black and gray colour.


  • 4 digital LED display
  • Feather Touch push buttons
  • Energy saving
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz AC,
  • Power: 2100 Watts,
  • Cord length: 1m,

Includes: Cooktop and Warranty card


This superior quality Usha induction stove (3616) 1600-watt induction cooker  offers numerous features for your convenience cooking, its pan sensor technology ensures that it operates only when there’s cookware on it its copper coil gives this induction cooktop a long and superior life and its 6 presets allow you to explore every kind of recipe you’ve bookmarked.


  • Push button controls with 6 preset options
  • Digital heat indicator for cooking zone
  • Variable temperature and timer settings
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 2000 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts



Cooking has never been this easy. Prestige Induction Cook-tops come in a wide variety of choices so you can choose the perfect fit for your kitchen. Packed with powerful features like Indian menu, dual heat sensors, anti-magnetic wall, unique design to prevent the entry of insects, they are the perfect combination of elegant looks and easy performance at affordable prestige induction stove price.


  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 1200W
  • Cookware support: Works only with Induction base cookware- bottom diameter between 12cm-26cm
  • Power – 1200 watts power ii) Type of Control Panel – Push button
  • Great Features – i) Indian Menu Options ii) Aerodynamic cooling system iii) Automatic voltage regulator, saves power
  • Includes: Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Product Dimensions: 38cm (Length)x26cm (Width)x6cm (Height) Weight: 2.2kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Before using a best cooktop induction type, following some point needs to understand, Induction cooker works on the technology of magnetism, which means the cookware are heated by magnetic induction, it has magnetic coil on ceramic plate beneath the cooker, once the power is on, the magnetic coil will be charged and produce magnetic fields without the heat on burner zone. When an iron or stainless steel cookware will place on the burner zone, the magnetic field will induce the small current to the cookware and the energy produced by inducing current will convert into heat energy, so all the cookware cannot be used for cooking by induction cooker, cookware itself must be magnetic and flat bottom, cookware made from copper, aluminum glass and Pyrex will not work on it. Induction cooker must be kept dry and read the manual of the product before use.



Electricity consumption of any machine can be measured in wattage and cooker with high wattage may result more electricity bill, normally electric induction cooker comes with a wattage from1200W to 2100W for 7 inch induction stove and 2200W to 3300W for 9 inche induction stove, more wattage cooker can cook the food faster than a low wattage induction stove, the induction stove with the power at least 2000W will fulfil almost all the features for decent cooking. Power supply of the induction cooker is normally 220-240V 50Hz, can be operated by direct plug-in its power plug in a power socket. Induction cooker cannot be used in normal socket of 6A, it may damage or burn the socket due to overload, power socket for an induction cooker must be 3 pin sockets of 16 amperes, used wire size must be at least 2.5 sqmm copper cable and grounding facility must be provided to avoid any electric hazards.

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